How Not to Sort Your UAB Shipment

DiploMom and I spent a lot of time figuring out what we wanted to pack in our unaccompanied air baggage (UAB) shipment to the Oakwood. We had an entire bedroom in the house organized with the items that we wanted to be able to have with us in the in the apartment. We knew we had 600 lbs. that could be shipped, and while we knew that wasn’t a lot, it seemed like it would cover everything – never mind that we would also have the Yukon loaded up with items we needed to have immediately upon arrival.

Well, the morning of our pack out finally arrived and we were running around at 5 am with pits in our stomachs, bemoaning the fact that we hadn’t gotten more finished before the big day. The packing crew arrived around 9:15 and we promptly asked them about the items we had sorted for our UAB shipment. They estimated that the items in the room were probably over 1,000 lbs., so needless to say, we then had to go into major filtering mode to get rid of the items that weren’t absolutely necessary.

I had a nice set of clay poker chips – the kind in the fancy silver case that looks like it would be used to transport large amounts of cash around – which I had figured might be nice to have along. The case feels like it has two bricks inside. Well, that promptly had to go. The 3 seasons of Downton Abbey DVDs that might be nice to watch again, sorry. And on it went. We quickly learned that 600 lbs. fills up fast. We managed to get our key items packed and just had to leave out the “nice to have” items. Our packing crew from did an amazing job and helped to relive a lot of the stress surrounding watching all your possessions being packed away. Lesson learned – 600 lbs. really isn’t all that much and what one has set aside will inevitably weigh a lot more than initially thought.


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