Road Trip


The father-in-law and I headed out from Houston at 5:15 am in a fully packed Yukon to make our way to Chattanooga, where we would spend or first and only night before arriving in Falls Church. I’m not a big fan of really long drives and I had some trepidation that the hours would pass in a very slow and painful manner, but it didn’t end being all that bad. I realized the key is having two drivers. If it had just been me, I imagine I would have felt like putting a bullet in my head half-way through Alabama, but not before giving a big Gig ’em as I passed through Tuscaloosa on behalf of Johnny Football.

All told, it took us about 14 hours to get to Chattanooga. A big thanks to the brother-in-law who recommended staying at the Reed House, as it had a secured, valet parking garage, which meant I slept a lot better knowing the Yukon wouldn’t get broken into. We left the next morning at around 5:45 am to make our way to Falls Church where we were converging with DiploMom, DiploTot and the mother-in-law, who were all arriving on a flight that afternoon. Thankfully the driving time this day was about 3 hours shorter and the scenery was just beautiful the entire way. I was thrilled to finally arrive in Falls Church and quite pleased that the long road trip went much more quickly than I had anticipated. DiploTot did great on her first flight too, which helped make this whole process even better.

Some stats courtesy of the Garmin GPS: Total distance covered – 1,426 miles. Total time – 25:13, moving time 22 hours, stopped time 3:13.

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