Seven Corners

We are really pleased with our location in Falls Church. We have easy walking access to several parks and have been getting out on most days with DiploTot and DiploDog. Our location also places us near lots of restaurants and retail stores which is very convenient for groceries and runs to Target. The only downside is that to get to most of these places, we have to go through Seven Corners.


I have no idea how so many roads ended up converging here, but needless to say, it can be quite a mess. This intersection was the cause of a few meltdowns and less than exemplary behavior on my part when we were first getting settled in to the area. The stresses of moving across the country into a one bedroom apartment with a baby and dog, no problem. Navigating Seven Corners those first few weeks, not one of my finest moments.

We are now pros at getting where we need to go and have managed to figure out a few shortcuts that can help a lot. I’m sure when we are navigating the streets in Guatemala City, we’ll look back and laugh at how we actually thought Seven Corners was stressful.

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