A New Lease On Life

After spending our first two-and-a-half months in a one bedroom apartment, we were finally offered the opportunity to move into a two bedroom. While we only have about 5 weeks or so until we will be moving out, we decided we would be stupid to pass up the chance to get this space upgrade, so we spent part of Saturday and most of Sunday moving our stuff into our new place. I think the fact that we even debated whether or not to move is a testament to how well we adjusted to living in a one bedroom with a baby. The inconveniences just seemed normal.

Thankfully we just moved up a few floors in the same building. If we would have had to change buildings, we most likely would have stuck with our one bedroom. Now that we are settled into the two bedroom, I can’t believe we even hesitated. Now that DiploTot has her own room, we are sleeping better and are enjoying the flexibility that comes with not being so restricted whenever she is napping or asleep at night. No more brushing my teeth and taking out my contacts in the kitchen every night. No more creeping through the bedroom to get to the bathroom, worrying about waking her up or having to delay showers until she was up. The mere fact that we can do laundry now whenever we want hopefully means an end to having to get it all done on the weekend.

We very well may be back in a one bedroom in Guatemala City during the estimated two months it will take to get our permanent housing sorted out, so we are going to enjoy our extra space and freedom, even if only for a short period of time.

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