DiploDog Obsessions

DiploDog has really enjoyed her time here in Falls Church. Besides getting to go to dog daycare a couple of times a week, she has had more frequent walks, given that the summer here isn’t as brutal as it is Houston. Arriving in the spring also meant we had an abundance of great walking opportunities.

With easy access to neighborhood streets and nearby parks, DiploDog became quite familiar with the new sites and sounds. Then, a couple of months in, we had some new sights – rabbits. This meant DiploDog was even more excited than usual to head out on walks and being on high alert for the rabbits meant she was back to pulling pretty strongly on her leash.

Here she is staring down her prey. If only that pesky leash wasn’t attached.


On a typical stroll up and down the street in the late afternoon/early evening, we can count on spotting at least 3-5 rabbits in various yards. It is safe to say that she is obsessed with looking for the rabbits. It is also interesting to see how the natural instinct of animals that are feeling threatened to remain still really does help. I’ll usually spot the rabbits first and try to get her to see them, and many times it isn’t until one moves a bit that DiploDog then zeroes in.


DiploDog also learned the word rabbit pretty quickly. It wasn’t too long after they started coming out that the mere mention of the word while walking would set her into high alert, with her head scanning back and forth and ears perked up. I’m not sure what will fascinate her down in Guatemala City, but she has certainly found rabbits way more exciting than those boring ol’ squirrels.

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