The process of packing out from The Oakwood was hectic, but at least a lot less stressful than when we packed out to move up. When heading out to post, we have two types of shipments. One is our unaccompanied air baggage (UAB) that is limited to 600 lbs and should arrive to Guatemala City in 1-2 weeks.

The second shipment is our household effects (HHE), which will take 1-2 months to arrive. This is essentially everything else in our apartment, along with what we are having sent from the storage facility. A big part of the planning process for the pack out was deciding what we wanted for each shipment and then dividing them into separate areas in the apartment to minimize the chances of items getting mixed up when the packers arrived.

We were up pretty late the night before. I finally cratered out at midnight, and DiploMom was up until around 3 a.m., but we got everything set and were in good shape for the packers. DiploDog got to go hang out in the morning at another apartment with friends from DiploMom’s A100 training class who have two lab puppies.

DiploTot had to miss out on her morning nap, but she was a champ and was able to catch up later in the afternoon.


Leading up to the pack out, we were quite busy getting items for the HHE shipment, that were large, that could not be shipped via air, or that would be more expensive to buy in Guatemala City. Some of the items included a queen mattress and box springs, a Christmas tree, a toy kitchen set and tricycle for DiploTot and several surge protectors/uninterruptible power supplies for the inevitable power issues that could fry computers and TVs. Target should also be quite appreciative for the toiletries that we loaded up with.


We managed to do a really good job of estimating what would fit for our UAB and we ended up with 521 lbs. The rest of our HHE weighed in at 1,385 lbs. These are our four UAB boxes lined up in the hallway.


Now we have the fun of living out of our duffels and luggage until we get to Guatemala City and our UAB arrives. We’re hoping that given the timing of our pack out, that we might not have to wait all that long before they arrive.

Now where is DiploDog in the midst of all of this now that we are en route from D.C.? Well, she’s out at summer camp in the Virginia countryside and will arrive a couple of weeks after we do. She should be enjoying all the outdoor time and the pond swimming. We miss her and will be excited for her to arrive.

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