Arrival in Guatemala City

We arrived in Guatemala City on Wednesday and are thrilled to finally be here. We were greeted by DiploMom’s office sponsor at the gate and we were then escorted through the airport to a waiting area where we could sit down while all our luggage was retrieved and loaded and our passports processed.

From there we were able to get right into a van and were driven to our hotel. After getting into our room, we hit the ground running and were able to go visit several properties with a realtor that DiploMom had been corresponding with prior to our arrival, as our plan is to get into a house as soon as possible.

It made for a hectic, yet very productive day. DiploTot was an absolute champ throughout all of this, especially considering that she didn’t get much nap time in. She snoozed before we took off for about 45 minutes and then was able to grab a cat nap in her car seat on our way to see the first property. She is taking the changes in stride and is enjoying crawling all over our room.

We were exhausted by the end of the day and quite hungry by the time we got DiploTot down. It wasn’t very cultural, but we were starving and it was already dark, so we simply ordered a Domino’s pizza for delivery, along with 6 bottles of water to get us through until we get to the store later today. Pizza never tasted so good.

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