Neighborhood Observations

As I have mentioned before, we are thrilled with our house and the neighborhood that we are living in. It is extremely safe and affords us the same conveniences we had back at home in terms of our ability to get out and walk with DiploDog and to take DiploTot out in her stroller. With a couple of weeks under our belts, here are a few things that have jumped out at me.

There are lots of runners, especially in the morning, and the vast majority of them are decked out in stylish, bright running gear. Grubby t-shirts and shorts or other workout clothes need not apply. Morning is also the time for car washing. These aren’t the owners washing their cars mind you, but the hired help (men), out at the curb, or backed out of the garage, with a bucket of soapy water and rubber rain boots on. I’m going to have to up my game here, as I am quite adept at going for extended periods of time (extended being months and months and months…) without washing the car. I think a lot of the cars are washed every morning, or at least several times a week.

Dogs. There are a good number of dogs in the neighborhood and it is not uncommon to see them being walked at various times throughout the day. The dogs are usually being walked by their owners, or if a larger dog, perhaps one of the male staff. What always makes us chuckle, however, is seeing all the little lap dogs out for their afternoon strolls, being walked by housekeepers in their work uniforms (typically a solid color dress with an apron).

Bodyguards. We take it for granted that one can be very successful and very wealthy back in America and likely not have to be concerned about the safety of one’s family. Kidnapping for ransom  just isn’t very likely. Here, as in much of the non-Western world I imagine, that isn’t the case. If one has a good deal of money, one could be at risk. A few times we have passed the playground near our house and noticed three bodyguards with earpieces stationed at the street, keeping watch over a young child and his nanny while they play on the swings. I have no idea whether this is the child of a government official, or perhaps a successful businessman, but I imagine wherever the child goes, there go the bodyguards as well.

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