Let’s Go To The Mall

In the spirit of Robin Sparkles, I think of this video from How I Met Your Mother every time we head out to a mall here in Guatemala, which has been fairly often. There are a lot of malls here and they are great. It is a good option to have, as there aren’t a tremendous amount of sights to see in the city. There is a zoo and a few museums near us which are in a decent part of the city that I know we will eventually get to. But beyond that, not much else. The historic city center has some sights, but being the historic city center in Zone 1, it is a high crime area that we will be unlikely to visit unless we go with a group arranged through the embassy and we certainly will not ever drive our car to the area.

The malls here are clean, very modern and filled with many familiar stores and restaurants. They all have secure underground parking that utilizes the best parking system I have ever seen. Every parking space has a light above it, that is either green or red, which makes locating an empty space so very easy. No trolling up and down the rows hoping to find a space. As well, there are signs that point to other parking levels with real-time updates showing the number of available spaces. Don’t want to hang out on level two looking for one of the 33 available spaces? Well, head on down to level three where there are 247 available spaces.


It’s an impressive system that makes navigating through the garages a breeze. We figure that there is probably a lot of laundered drug money that has been put into these malls, because they are really nice. Just as nice, or nicer, than malls back in U.S.

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