DiploMom and I are getting quite anxious for our HHE shipment to finally get delivered to our house. All of our freight has been in country since around August 20th, but apparently a key person in Guatemalan customs had been out on vacation, so everything has been delayed.

The last update we received was that we might receive everything by Thursday or Friday of next week, but there wasn’t much certainty in the statement. Quite ironic that as I was writing about our HHE shipment, a power surge knocked the computer offline and I had to get everything restarted again. I have a uninterruptible power supply for my computer coming in the shipment and it would have come in quite handy just now.

We are anxious to get all of our stuff so that we can really start to feel settled in the house. All we have in our bedroom is a loaner box springs and mattress with sheets and one bedside table and lamp. It is a large bedroom, so it feels so empty, not to mention how much of an echo there is in the room, and most of the rest of the house for that matter, given all the tile surfaces.

Here’s hoping we get everything next week!

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