We continue to receive discouraging news when it comes to our HHE shipment. The latest update is that there have been delays with the paperwork since diplomatic shipments that arrive pay no customs taxes. Some shipments may be ready next week, but of course nothing is guaranteed.

Given how long our stuff has been in the country only further adds to our exasperation with the process. It is looking like we may just need to get another loaner bed from the embassy since we have family arriving for a visit next week. We never thought there would be the possibility that our HHE would not have already been delivered to us by the time they arrived.

We’re ready to get this place feeling like our home and not some rental with cobbled together furnishings. Just getting pictures and a few decorative items will go a long way to helping us feel more settled.

2 thoughts on “Delays

    • Looks like the smaller shipment from our apartment got cleared and will be delivered on Thursday, so that will be great. Hoping the big one will get cleared and will follow soon after.


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