Weekend In Antigua

Both of our HHE shipments finally arrived this past week. It was great to finally receive everything, but now the house is a complete disaster zone, so the chance to get away to Antigua for the weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. My in-laws are in town visiting, so we all headed to Antigua on Friday afternoon for some well-needed R&R.

We rented a house that was in a great location that was still close enough to walk to the main sites in Antigua. The complex actually consists of four houses that all share a central courtyard with a pool and jacuzzi.


The house was gorgeous and we had the option to hire a cook to prepare meals for us. We opted for a Friday dinner and Saturday breakfast, both of which were delicious. We had a very inexpensive per person charge and then just had to pay for the food itself, which the women went and purchased at the market, so it couldn’t have been any easier. The service culture here in Guatemala is second-to-none.

DiploMom and I are really enjoying Antigua. We simply love wondering the streets and taking in all the sites and sounds. It feels worlds apart from Guatemala City, with its cobblestone streets and Mayan women and children hawking their wares on the corners. We’ve already found a favorite spot for lunch, a Mexican restaurant, Frida’s, with their delicious mango chicken and margaritas.

The rain stayed away until mid-day on Saturday, so I was able to take a few more photos around the central park.




It got pretty gray and damp after lunch, but we didn’t let that stop us from getting awesome one-hour massages for only $35 each. It was a very relaxing way to wind down the afternoon.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and breathtaking views of Antigua and the volcanoes from Santa Domingo Del Cerro.



We look forward to many return trips to Antigua during our time here. It is so close and provides a welcome respite from the bustle of Guatemala City, so as a reminder to our friends, our guest room is now up and running!

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