Settling In

We passed the three-month mark here in Guatemala City a few days ago and we are finally starting to feel settled in at our house. A big reason for that is finally getting most everything unpacked and the leftover boxes out of the house. The house turned into a disaster zone once all of our HHE shipments arrived. Add to that the fact that we also had loaner furniture from the embassy and the house certainly felt a bit packed.

Here’s where all of our empty boxes ended up. This is a good chunk of them, but there were also many more that were unpacked and hauled off the same day by the movers.



Once we had all the boxes emptied, the moving company was able to come back and remove all the boxes, as well as hang pictures on the walls. It was a big relief to once again only have the car in the garage.

We feel like our adjustment to life down here has gone much more smoothly than we anticipated. The only thing that has really set us off at times has been the absolutely horrendous traffic during rush hour, especially on Friday afternoon. We’ve had several instances of being in the car for over an hour for short trips that should have taken about 10 minutes. We’re learning what to avoid and when, and unfortunately, that sometimes means deciding not to get out when we would like to, particularly on Friday afternoon.

Here’s one crazy example of the traffic. In early October, Andrea Bocelli was in town for a concert in a part of town known as Cayala. It is not very far and is very similar to CityCentre in Houston, with pedestrian areas for shopping and dining. There are also lots of new condominiums in the area. A co-worker at the embassy invited some folks to his place, as he was near enough to be able to hear the concert. We knew the traffic would be bad, but we wanted to try to make it. After 45 minutes, and as we neared a point of no return as far as being able to head back home, we decided to give up. Another co-worker that forged on told DiploMom the next day that it took him 2.5 hours to get there and 12 minutes to get home. Insane.

DiploTot is continuing to enjoy life here, particularly going to the park across the street. Here she is enjoying herself in her Radio Flyer tricycle.


We’re looking forward to the arrival of the dry season. It typically rains most everyday at some time in the afternoon and lately, we’ve both gotten a bit more annoyed with it. I do have to say that the house hasn’t felt as humid as I thought it would during the rainy season. It is by no means dry in the house, but I think I envisioned more of my typical reaction to Houston humidity, but thankfully the more pleasant temperatures help mitigate the damage. The house usually feels quite pleasant and with the windows open and a breeze, things are quite comfortable, even with the rain.

And one last item that we are quite thankful for is that we have, thus far, avoided any major digestive issues. I thought surely that would be a part of our initial months here, but so far, so good. 🙂

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