Marine Corps Birthday Ball

DiploMom and I were very pleased to attend our first Marine Corps Birthday Ball this past Friday. We enjoyed getting dressed up and being able to be there to support and celebrate with the Marines that provide security for the Embassy.




The grounds at the hotel were quite beautiful and provided a wonderful setting for the festivities. We look forward to attending again next year.





Guatemala City Christmas Tree

Christmas arrived in full effect here in Guatemala City on Saturday night with the lighting of a massively insane Christmas tree, located in the central plaza of the city, Plaza Obelisco.

It is a huge celebration as you can see in the video below from 2011 (one of the better videos I could find and featuring great bird’s-eye views) and it is capped off with a thunderous fireworks display that we could hear and feel from our house. To say it sounded like a raging battle might be a bit of an understatement. After finding this video, we are kind of wishing we had tried to make it, but at least we will have a chance next year.

Inauguración Árbol Gallo 2011 from NqV TV on Vimeo.

Chili Cook-Off

We had a great afternoon on Saturday back at the Ambassador’s residence for a chili cook-off. The chili entries were delicious and tasted even better with some cold Gallo beer.


We really look forward to these type of events since it is a great opportunity for DiploTot to run around with other kids and there are always other adults ready to entertain her as well.


She was particularly fond of this bench and spent a good bit of time here hanging out before we decided to let her entertain herself with DiploMom’s purse.




Many of the plants in our yard are blooming, including several large poinsettias, which I am simply used to seeing potted in church during Christmas. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past few days with a nice breeze and temps in the low 70s.








Neighborhood Halloween

We had quite the turn out on Halloween in our neighborhood. The embassy kids come to several of the American houses in the neighborhood so they don’t miss out on trick-or-treating.

I think we also had a good number of other kids of Guatemalan families in the neighborhood who are now wise to the fact that the crazy Americans pass out boatloads of candy on October 31st. We passed out so many bags of candy and DiploMom and I estimated that we had more than 300 kids come by.

It was a fun evening and DiploTot enjoyed herself again in her owl costume. She was quite content to head out of our door to the street to check out all the goings on.