Christmas Tree Farm

Some of the local staff at the Embassy told DiploMom about a Christmas Tree farm “just outside of the city.” After a bit of investigating on our part, we discovered that “just outside of the city” is actually two hours away towards Lake Atitlán. Realizing that this wasn’t just a quick trip out of the city, we decided we would visit on our way back from Lake Atitlán. We had already shipped a Christmas tree down in our HHE, but figured it would be fun to check things out even though we were not in need of a real tree.

The entrance to the farm is just off of the main highway. From there it was another 25 minute drive up the mountain on a windy, rocky and narrow road that was not particularly fun to drive on, especially when passing cars that were on their way out. We kept joking that they needed encouraging signs saying that we were almost there, because if it wouldn’t have been impossible to turn around, I think I would have. We finally made it to the entrance where we paid our entrance fee to the owner, who had his own armed security guard with him.

The place was absolutely packed and crawling with people. I guess business is good if you are the only real Christmas tree option around. We had a nice little visit and even ran into some Embassy friends and one of our neighbors from down the street. We’re glad we visited, but man, the road up and down is a big deterrent to visiting again unless we really are determined to get a live tree.





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