DiploTot’s New Friends

While we were are the lake, we were able to pay the housekeeper for the rental property to prepare dinner for us on Friday and Saturday night. This is a great setup as we didn’t have to plan out what to bring and she is able to earn some extra money in addition to what she is paid by the owner of the house.

The woman and her family live in a town near the house (Santa Cruz La Laguna) that is walkable from the house. On both nights, she had a couple of her younger children with her – Carolina (10) and David (6) – and what a gift that turned out to be! They quickly became friends with DiploTot and they all had fun playing hide-and-seek in the two bedrooms.

The kids were so great and sweet playing with DiploTot. They were very attentive and careful running around with her and making sure that she didn’t stumble or fall. It was a great break for us to have them all playing and it got lots of extra energy out of DiploTot.

It was a highlight of the weekend seeing these little Mayan kids playing with DiploTot and hearing them call out her name as they were scrambling from hiding place to hiding place. I imagine it was a special treat for the kids as well, being able to run and play in the house, which I bet isn’t the norm with every guest that is staying there.

It was all so basic and simple, which added to the charm of it all. No need for a bunch of toys, just kids doing what kids can do, making their own fun with what was available.



At one point, we realized it had gotten pretty quiet, so I peaked my head into the bedroom to check on things and found them all sitting together with David “reading” a Dr. Suess book to DiploTot.


It was a very special memory and I look forward to the day when I can recall the story to DiploTot. If we rent this house again on any future visits, these kids will be a big reason why.

One thought on “DiploTot’s New Friends

  1. What a pleasure to see kids being kids and not depending on video games. DiploTot is very fortunate to have such wonderful new friends. From what I can see, I think the pleasure was mutual! Grammy


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