San Antonio Palopó

We enjoyed being able to visit a new town on this most recent visit to Lake Atitlán. Our rental house was just outside of San Antonio Palopó and it was an easy stroll into town to check things out.


The town doesn’t seem to get too many tourists so we felt like we really stood out. Perhaps it was the sight of DiploTot strapped to the back of DiploMom, something that probably isn’t that commonly seen, at least when it comes to gringos. DiploMom commented that kids were popping their heads out of windows and commenting amongst themselves about the sight. One little boy even ran up behind us in an attempt to touch the back of DiploTot’s head.

The town is known is known for its ceramics and we were able to see where they are made and to purchase several items from one of the galleries.





Here’s the view looking out over the lake from town’s church.



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