The Beach

We made our first visit to the beach this weekend, as we headed south out of the city to the Pacific coast. The beach scene on the Pacific isn’t all that touristy or built up, but it provided a nice change of scenery and some good time to relax. We stayed in a great condo complex that has an incredible pool, which is key in deciding where to stay. The waves and undertow are quite strong along the Pacific coast, so we weren’t in the water, save for walking along the shore in the morning, which is why a great pool is definitely needed.

All this time with the great weather in Guatemala City and the Western Highlands has gotten me quite spoiled. It was strange to be down at the coast where the temps were in the low 90s. I’m definitely gotten a bit soft after all this time away from Houston heat.






We only ventured out on Saturday for lunch to a town, Monterrico, about 20 minutes further down the road from where we were staying. This is the “largest” town along the shore and it made for a tasty meal and DiploTot enjoyed making a turtle friend.



A great time was had by all. The drive is only around two hours and the road is much straighter, which made for a nice change from the curvy roads to the lake.



3 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. WOW! Very cool scenery, beautiful pool, and a huge difference in temps! We in Houston are receiving another blustery cold front this afternoon/evening and it will be in the upper 30s again tonight. Enjoy the 90’s and the resort! It’s great to have this method to keep up with you all and see DiploTot grow! Just think: it’s been a year since your journey started!


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