Manuel Antonio

After three nights in La Fortuna, the next stop was down to the the Pacific, near Manuel Antonio National Park. Upon entering the park, and declining another request for a tour guide, we made our way down a path/road for about 20 minutes to arrive at the beach areas.

It was a very cloudy day, which was just fine with us, since we weren’t too concerned about getting sunburned and it was quite pleasant to be outside. We found a spot under a tree and laid down our towels, aware of the need to be on guard, as the monkeys and racoons are quite adept at pilfering food and other items from the beach goers.

DiploTot was quite relaxed and wasn’t all that interested in ever leaving our laps and towels, which frankly made for an even more relaxing time. We figured she would be in constant motion, but she was content to watch everyone else and listen to the waves.







On our second visit to the beach, we went to a public area instead of Manuel Antonio, which saved us $20 and the waves were much bigger as we were not located in a lagoon/inlet. I recommend this approach if the beach is really your thing. It is worth going to the national park, but at this beach we were able to just park our car and be in the beach in a few minutes.

This is what the locals do. At the national park we were one of hundreds of tourists. At the beach outside of the park, we were the rare tourists, just hanging out with all the Ticos.

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