Zip Lining

Since our flight didn’t depart until around 7:30 pm on Friday, I had the opportunity to squeeze in one more activity before we needed to pack up, grab lunch and hit the road. I decided to do a zip line tour with Titi Canopy Tour and I had a great time. This was my first time zip lining and it was definitely worth doing. The guides took photos during the adventure, so here are a few of what they shot.

Mañana 004

Mañana 022

Mañana 062

Mañana 070

The tour ends with the chance to rappel down and then end with a Tarzan swing.

Mañana 112

The guides encourage everyone to descend upside down, so here I am getting my feet up.

Mañana 115

Away we go!

Mañana 118

About ready for my swing.

Mañana 162

Insert Tarzan yell.

Mañana 163

And then more swinging upside down.

Mañana 169

Mañana 170

If you are in the Manuel Antonio/Quepos area, be sure to check out the tour. The guides were super friendly and helpful and make sure everyone has a great time.

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