Expansion In The DiploTot Ranks

We’re excited to announce a pending expansion in the DiploTot ranks. DiploMom will be due with a little boy in the beginning of November. We feel so blessed and fortunate to be expecting another baby. DiploTot was five years in the making and we honestly weren’t sure if she would ever have a little brother or sister, so we are beyond grateful. The DiploDad family name will now live on.

The care we have received so far from her Guatemalan Harvard Medical trained ob/gyn has been excellent. Every visit we have an ultrasound and he spends a lot of time with us. Nothing is ever rushed. And all for $45. This isn’t a co-pay, but is the entire cost – not a bad perk to living overseas.

9 thoughts on “Expansion In The DiploTot Ranks

  1. I have tears of joy for this exciting news. My mom is here with me, and we both send happy hugs and much love to you all.


  2. Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you all, and will be praying for a smooth, comfortable pregnancy. Much love to you all, and we hope to reconnect next time you’re in Houston!



  3. Dude!
    That’s amazing news! So pleased for all three of you!
    I’m thrilled for you all.
    Please pass on our love to everyone.


  4. wow1111 This is GREAT news!!!! Congratulations and blessings! Let me know when someone goes to visit b/c I want to send a very small and lightweight something!


  5. Hi DiploDad! I know wife from a Bible Study back home at HFBC. I saw y’all are expecting!!! How fantastic! We will be praying for Diplotot2!


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