One of the things I have found myself paranoid about at times is getting into a wreck/accident when I am out and about without DiploMom, given that my Spanish is not at all up to par for an event such as that. Never mind the fact that the likelihood of the person having insurance or otherwise being able to pay for the repairs is probably pretty close to nil.

This past Monday we received a good bit of rain from a tropical depression that was working its way up the coast towards Mexico. Things had cleared up a bit by the time the afternoon arrived, so DiploTot and I headed over to the weekly music class for little ones that an Embassy mom has at her apartment. We were headed back home at about 4:30 and with the wet streets and drizzle, the traffic was backing up on the street at the exit a bit more than usual. I figured there was no way I would be able to turn left, but someone finally stopped to let me enter.

At this point I double checked to my right again and slowly inched out onto the street. As I was in the street and just about to turn left, I see a motorcycle about to run into me. Motorcycles in the city constantly drive between lanes and cut around on the left and right. It is a wonder I haven’t seen more bodies laid out on the street.

So here he comes – boom – into the driver door. He couldn’t have been moving that fast, so I was amazed that he was unable to stop. I dreaded getting out of the car to see if there was damage and then how in the world I would deal with it if there was. I got out into the drizzle and looked at the door and thankfully, nothing! I can’t think of the last time I have been so relieved.

I picked up that the driver was saying something about his brakes. I imagine that he had problems braking with the wet roads. Ironically enough, another driver on a motorcycle stopped and spoke pretty good English and asked me if everything was okay. I told him we were good since there wasn’t any damage. The guy that ran into me seemed fine, as he had just lost his balance to one side after impact and didn’t fall of of his bike completely.

I got back in the car to head home very grateful that the impact hadn’t been greater and appreciative that driving around has gone so well up to this point.


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