I failed to get my act together to get a post up to mark our one-year anniversary at post on July 24, but today I realized I could commemorate another milestone that occurred not too long after that – moving into our house – and share a funny story about our first night.

We were so ecstatic to move into our house so quickly. We loved the neighborhood and were thrilled to get to be here for the next two years. Since we got into our house so quickly, we did not have our HHE shipment and only had a small amount of loaner furniture, the basics, from the Embassy. With all the tile and wood flooring, the house felt pretty empty and the sound just echoed everywhere.

That first night, some house on the street was having a party. I don’t recall at exactly what time I first became aware of the loud music, just that I hoped it wouldn’t go on too long into the night. That was probably at around 9:00. We had the windows open to keep the house cool and even closing the windows up didn’t help much with the noise.

We went to bed and I hoped that I would be so tired that eventually I would fall asleep. Well, that didn’t exactly happen. It seemed that the later it got, the louder the music became. And it was that annoying techno/club music with the relentlessly repeating beat that never seems to change. At some point we realized that there was a DJ because we could here him shouting and egging on the party goers.

At this point I was envisioning every weekend being like this and in my annoyance and frustration figured we were never going to get much sleep when the weekend came around. Here we were laying in bed in the empty, echoing house and it was 2:30 in the morning with the party raging. Every time there was a brief pause in the music, I would hope that things were finally over.

Well at about 3:00, I knew things were finally coming to a close, not because the music had stopped, but because an artillery barrage of fireworks was going off, so I figured this had to be the big finale. Thankfully that was the end of the festivities and the silence began to settle back in.

It made for a rough first night, but I am pleased to report that no other parties on that scale have occurred since. That first night I was doubting our decision to be in the neighborhood, but now I wouldn’t trade our location for anything. The neighborhood and house have been a big part of what has made our experience here so great.

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