With some good friends in town this past weekend for a quick visit, we headed 1.5 hours west from Guatemala City to visit Iximché, the Mayan ruins near Tecpán. These ruins are not nearly as impressive or preserved as sites like Tikal or Copán are, but they are much closer and easier to get to. They are located in the highlands at around 7,000 feet, which makes for very pleasant temperatures and a beautiful setting.








At the very back of the site is an area where Mayan rituals take place.



2 thoughts on “Iximché

  1. Beautiful, despite the “less-impressive” factor. Thank you for always keeping us up-to-date with your activities. It was hard to believe about the 1-yr anniversary on the related recent post. It’s nice to have a few shots of each family member, including both DiploParents, but especially so now that DMom is with child and showing. Looking good! And, what a darling – professional quality- shot on the picnic blanket! Abrazos, Besos, y Bendiciones de lo Alto para todos. 🙂


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