La Reunion

A couple of weekends back, with my in-laws in town, DiploMom, her dad and I headed out to the La Reunion Golf Resort for a nice Sunday lunch. The resort is located outside of Antigua, but for those leaving from Guatemala City, it is much better to not drive there via Antigua, but to head south out of town towards Esquintla.

It took us almost two hours to get there when we went via Antigua, a 20-30 minute standstill leaving the city didn’t help either. But after asking about another way to come back at the resort, we were told it was “mucho mas rápido” to go back via Esquintla and CA-9. This was a life saver and it took us just about an hour to get back.

The resort is gorgeous and we had a great lunch overlooking the golf course and volcanoes. It is definitely worth a trip out to see.




One thought on “La Reunion

  1. My husband loves La Reunion. He plays the course every time he’s in Guatemala. It’s a must play course for any golfer. I’m not good enough to warrant the expensive green fees but enjoy the beautiful scenery from the side of the volcano.


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