Back To The Lake

With DiploMom having Monday off for MLK Day, we decided to head out for a Saturday night stay at Lake Atitlan – most likely our final visit to the lake before our tour ends this summer. We knew it could be challenging to head back now that DiploBoy is along for the adventure, which is why we decided to just try one night, to stay at the Hotel Atitlan and to bring Dulce along to help out.

We knew we were unlikely to fare too well with out the extra help, so we were pleased that Dulce was anxious to come along. She had never been to the lake before, so this would be a fun trip for her as well. We reserved two rooms and headed out fairly early on Saturday morning.

Here’s a pretty standard view of what is ahead of us whenever we pass through Chimaltenango on our way to the lake. Sometimes getting through the town can take 15 minutes and sometimes it can take 45 minutes, which has a pretty big impact on the overall time to the lake. We were pleased when it wasn’t too congested on our way through.


One of my favorite parts of heading to the lake is when we turn off the highway and descend towards the lake through the town of Solola. The streets are quite steep and usually filled with lots of people. Since we were passing through on a Saturday, things were a little less crazy since the big market day is on Friday.


We arrived a good bit before check-in at the hotel, so we had lunch and had to kill some time on the grounds as we were not able to get into our rooms before the regular check-in time. Here we are trying to get DiploTot to snooze for a bit while we waited, without any success.


We were all a bit more rejuvenated once we got into our rooms and we then explored the nearby nature reserve that had a butterfly garden and some various trails to walk on.


DiploTot and DipoBoy ended up doing great during the night in our two-room setup so we did not end up regretting that we gave this quick get-a-way a go. We knew it was likely our last trip to the lake. I’ll miss these views! Lake Atitlan has been one of the highlights of our stay here in Guatemala and we’ve created many family memories here.



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