Hotel Atitlan

In any of our previous visits to the lake, we had never stayed at Hotel Atitlan. Given that we didn’t have plans to take a boat anywhere else on the lake, and that we would be staying one night, we decided to reserve our rooms.

They have a great pool and beautiful grounds which give plenty of areas to keep DiploTot running around. As well there are macaws, parrots and a pen with rabbits – an especially big hit.














4 thoughts on “Hotel Atitlan

    • We had all of out meals at the hotel. We thought about grabbing a tuk-tuk to ride into Pana, but realized with both kids, we were better off sticking to the hotel. We’ve had some good food at Deli Jasmin and some decent pizza at Circus Bar.

      We also really like grabbing some coffee at Crossroads Cafe. The proprietor is an American who is a coffee perfectionist. There are usually other interesting people there as well. Last time we met an older couple from South Africa who had already driven across most of Africa and then all the way across the U.S. They had gone through Mexico and had just arrived in Guatemala for a brief stop before continuing on to Panama.


  1. Love Hotel Atitlan! Every summer we take pictures of Seth in the same spots at the hotel to see how much he’s grown 🙂
    Tricia send me an email and I can recommend a slew of restaurants in Pana. We live in Pana every summer .


    • Hi Bethany – thanks so much! I cannot access your email, so please feel free to drop me a note. You can reach me at triciann1 at hotmail dot com


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