Boot Shopping In Pastores

Not too far outside of Antigua, past Jocotenango is the little town of Pastores, where one can procure awesome deals on handmade boots. On a bit of a Sunday whim, we decided to load up the kids and finally head to the town to check out the selection. The only other pair of boots I had were a cheapo pair of ropers purchased 20+ years ago during my first semester at Texas A&M so I had something to wear to go two-stepping.

I really never ever wear them anymore (maybe once a year for the Rodeo when we were in Houston) and hearing about the good deals to be had, I decided it was finally time for a new pair that would be a great reminder of our time here, of much better quality and not to mention easy on the wallet.

There isn’t much to Pastores, but the main road through town is fronted with boot stores. Boot making is this town’s industry. We parked the car and got out to start browsing through the stores. We expected more of a hard sell when we would walk into a shop, but everyone was very laid back and there was no pressure at all. I ended up picking up a beautiful pair of boots for only $50. The price was so reasonable and the quality so good that I didn’t even bother trying to haggle.

We worked a good price for DiploMom at one store since she wanted to purchase two pairs and they were about $40 each. These are all super high quality boots – boots that I am sure would be selling for $150-$200 or more back home. DiploTot even got in on the action with some nice pink boots. These are much better than the cheap, made-in-China pair we picked up at Target for her Halloween costume when we were back home in the Fall.

We were so glad we made the effort to load up and head to the town. I’m tempted to go back once more before we leave to pick up another pair for myself and a pair for DiploBoy to have waiting for when he gets older.








4 thoughts on “Boot Shopping In Pastores

  1. Hi. We are stopping through there on a tour and have been trying to figure out if you can be fitted and select materials for custom boots and then have them shipped to you. Do you know if any of those boot shops are able to do that? Also how true to size the boots they have already made are? Thank you for your help! Those boots are beautiful.


    • You can definitely have custom boots made, but I am not sure if they can be shipped. My initial reaction is that is probably unlikely, but perhaps I would be surprised.

      There are a lot of shops, so I think the chances of finding something you like and that fits are pretty good. I found the boots were pretty true to size. My 10.5 size translates to a 43 or 44 European size and I ended up in a 43. I ultimately went with a pair that was a little less narrow towards the toes as I found those did squeeze my foot more.

      Happy shopping!


  2. Hi, I was wondering if you had any trouble with the shoe shops being open on a sunday? I see you mentioned that is when you went, but I wanted to make sure before riding out there to find a closed-down street.

    Thanks a lot!


    • We thought of that too before we headed out. I think a few may have been closed, but the the vast majority were all open. If I recall correctly, we arrived to town around 10:30. I wouldn’t be surprised that all are open in the afternoon.


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