Fifth Sunday Procession

This past Sunday we were able to see the Jesús Nazareno de la Caída y Santísima Virgen de Dolores procession, one of the largest during Lent. We made our way in the direction of the procession after we arrived, not knowing how far along the procession was, beyond knowing that it was scheduled to start at 7:00 am.

The street started to get more crowded as we moved closer to the early stages of the procession route, so we finally decided to grab a spot to wait in the shade while the getting was still good, as the sidewalks were starting to fill up. At this point we had no idea how much longer we might be waiting until the procession passed.


After a while of incessant staring down the street on my part in an attempt to make out anything, DiploMom asked some men in purple robes near us if they knew when the procession would likely pass and they said it was a little behind schedule, but that it should pass within the next thirty minutes or so. Now having at least some reasonable idea of how much longer helped make the wait more bearable.

The anticipation in the air was thick and the streets were getting quite crowded. As we noticed people coming from the direction of the procession and no one else headed that way, we knew we had to be getting close. After some time, the advance elements of the procession ahead of the float began to arrive.








We could hear the bands from down the street, as well as see the smokey incense filling the air, so we knew we were getting close. Finally I was able to spot the approaching float above all the people, so we knew the arrival was imminent.


I knew to expect a very large float, but even knowing this, I was still amazed at the size when it finally arrived.










After the float has passed, followed by the band, I thought things were generally over, but apparently after the men, the women follow with a float of their own as well.



DiploBoy was a champ throughout. When all was said and done we had been in our spot waiting for about an hour-and-a-half, and we just knew he would start melting down just as the procession arrived. But, he did great and other than not being particularly pleased when the bands were playing right next to us, he didn’t get upset at all.


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