Mexican Visa Mug Shots

Before arriving in Guadalajara, we have to have our Mexican diplomatic work visas. The process is quite simple, mainly because DiploMom can take our passports and forms to a person in the embassy and he then handles getting them over to the Mexican embassy and then picking them up. The only hassle on our part is getting the photos taken.

Here are our mug shots. As you can see, DiploTot has the whole “you can’t smile for the passport/visa photo” thing down especially well. At least DiploBoy managed to get away with a little bit of a smile. Quite a difference from when we had to get his photo for his passport after he was born and we couldn’t get him to wake up. The guy taking the photo at the post office finally gave up and we went with the sleeping 3-week-old newborn photo.


We’ve received our passports back with the visas, so we are all official now. It was exciting to see them as it makes the pending changes seem particularly real. They’ll be getting even more real soon as movers will be here to start our pack out in about a month.

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