Traveling Home

The final leg of the trip home is always the most hectic. Loading up and getting to the airport with so many bags always makes things interesting. I’m trying to figure out how we can travel to Guadalajara with fewer bags, but I’m not seeing how that is going to be possible.

Here is everything waiting to get get loaded onto the van from the embassy motor pool, minus the water jugs, of course.


The crate for DiploDog went in first, then everything else.


DiploTot was able to enjoy a special morning cupcake. On the way to the airport, we made a quick stop at her school to drop them off for her class and to say goodbye to her teacher.


After that is was onto the airport. After rounding up two porters, we got everything loaded and into the airport, making a concerted effort in the chaos of the loading process to make sure any small backpacks didn’t get snatched. So close to being on our way, the last thing we wanted was for anything to get stolen.

The great thing about the airport is that it isn’t totally packed, which made the process of getting all the bags checked in, not to mention getting DiploDog checked in as well, much less crazy.



Bags checked and we are ready to roll.


The Kindle Fire tablet kept DiploTot occupied for the entire flight. I know she would normally have fallen asleep, but there was no way she was letting herself do that with shows to watch. DiploBoy finally managed to snooze for about an hour-and-a-half. We really appreciate the short flight to get to Houston and the short flight we will have to get to Guadalajara. I can’t imagine having some 10 or longer flight with connections.


When we arrived at baggage claim in Houston, the first thing we saw was DiploDog. She was just kind of randomly sitting there. It didn’t appear to any kind of official pick up location, nor was there anyone official in the vicinity. She was very excited when she saw us, so I let her out and put her leash on. That lasted for about five or ten minutes until an agent with customs exited a nearby door with a beagle and told me I had to have DiploDog back in the crate.


We got her crate on a luggage cart and managed to get the rest of our bags. Thankfully a couple of helpful staff helped push all of our stuff out through customs and outside of the airport where we loaded everything into the in-laws’ cars. It is good to be back!

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