Arrival in Guadalajara

We arrived in Guadalajara on Tuesday after a wonderfully short flight time of about an hour-and-fifty minutes, which is particularly great with two small kiddos in tow.

The terminal at IAH was not crowded at all, which made getting everyone and everything checked in a bit less hectic. DiploMom handled getting all the bags checked while I handled getting DiploDog squared away.




We were very pleased that we were able to bring DiploDog along as checked baggage since it meant she would not have to be processed through cargo in Guadalajara and we would not need a customs broker to get her out, which apparently could cost around $1,000.  Insane!

Smooth flight. Check. Smooth entrance through immigration. Check. All the bags arrived. Check. Here comes DiploDog with the other bags. Check.

The only other item I was holding my breath a bit on was getting through customs and out of the airport with DiploDog. We had all of our paperwork, but one never knows with such a bureaucratic process. Thankfully the process was fairly quick and everyone was very nice.

Time to unload for your exam, DiploDog.



With DiploDog squared away, we had the paperwork we needed to provide to customs and we were then out of the airport to meet our sponsors and get loaded into a motor pool van to head to our housing assignment.


The traveling circus was on its way.

We are very pleased with our housing assignment. There are about eight other consulate families in the neighborhood and we have already managed to meet a few of them. Everyone has been quite helpful. Our sponsors that picked us up took great care of us by setting us up with some meals in our refrigerator that just needed to be heated up. They also took me to Walmart for an initial grocery run.

On Wednesday night we had one of the most insane thunderstorms I have ever experienced. We had just gone to bed when things really ramped up with driving rain and hail. I commented that I was surprised that we had not lost power yet and a few minutes later, my surprise was over.

What I wasn’t expecting was how long the power would be out. It went out at around 10:00 pm on Wednesday and was not back on until 4:30 pm on Thursday. Our neighbors who have been at post for a year told us that the power had never been out like that before. When it had gone out, it was usually for around 5 minutes or so. We later found out that a tree had fallen into a transformer so that helped explain things a bit more.

All in all, so far, so good. Internet is hopefully getting installed on Monday or Tuesday and we’ve been able to look at a couple of school options that are very close by for DiploTot. There is WiFi at the neighborhood club house so we can be a bit more connected in the mean time. Our UAB was delivered to us on Wednesday and our car may arrive by the middle of next week.

2 thoughts on “Arrival in Guadalajara

  1. I’m so glad to hear that Diplofamily has made it to Guadalajara, although you all are very missed in Guatemala. I’ll be showing this post to Claudia and Ingrid so they can see the pictures. Please send our love to all the family 🙂


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