Car Arrival

We were thrilled last week when we found out our car would be delivered this past Friday. Between getting Internet service setup and now having our call, we are feeling pretty settled.


I also got to back the car down off of the truck, something I was surprised by.  One thing that is quite different here is that car windows are not tinted as darkly as when we were rolling Guate-style.  In fact, tint this dark is illegal here in Guadalajara, so I am holding my breath a bit in the meantime while we are out and about. There wouldn’t be a problem once I showed my diplomatic passport, but I’d rather avoid the entire scenario and hassle.

We won’t have our diplomatic plates for several more weeks. We have a temporary paper we can display in the window, but of course it isn’t particularly visible, so I make sure I have my diplomatic passport with me as well until our official Mexican identification cards arrive. We’ll probably go ahead and get the tint removed and redone eventually, if for no other reason so I can wave the windshield washers off at major intersections. As it stands now I have to lower my window to tell them no since they can’t see me.

We loved our blackout tint, but it looks like we may have to say goodbye. Getting around is much easier so far than it was in Guatemala City. The traffic can be bad, but the streets are marked and laid out much better, which was helpful for getting out and enjoying the freedom this past weekend. We’re looking forward to exploring the city more.

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