Los Colomos

This past Saturday morning we decided to check out Los Colomos park. Upon arriving we quickly realized that the park will likely be a staple of our time here. It was a beautiful, wooded escape with the smell of eucalyptus wafting through the morning air. There was plenty to explore and DiploTot was able to get lots of walking in.

An area of the park has a very nice Japanese garden, complete with ponds filled with large Koi and turtles.







There was even an area for horse rides where 50 pesos (just under 4 bucks) gets you a 30 minute horse ride. DiploTot expressed her desire for a ride when we first arrived. We told her we could ride on our way out, figuring that when the moment of truth arrived, that she would back out. She surprised us when she still wanted to ride and when she didn’t get scared and want to stop after 2 minutes.




DiploBoy even briefly got in on the action at the end. We’re looking forward to a return visit.

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