Piñata Searching

Being the stellar parents that we are, we kinda waited until the last minute to get a piñata for DiploBoy’s birthday. But hey, we’re in Mexico, there should be a store with piñatas on practically every corner, right? Well apparently that isn’t the case. One can head to one one of the many mercados in Guadalajara to buy one, but they weren’t necessarily all that close to us and we were short on time.

There was a party store near us that had a completely lackluster assortment of piñatas. Nothing that was in a shape, but mainly circles with an image on them. We wanted a real piñata. Thankfully our neighbors mentioned that they had seen some shops along the road near the big city park in Zapopan, so we headed out to fight the traffic to make our way to an area that wasn’t all that far from the house.

We thankfully found the area of little tiendas and were able to get a great piñata and fill up our balloons for a lot less than it would have been at the previously mentioned party store. We never thought it would have been this hard to find a piñata, but now we know for future birthdays to allow time to head to a mercado if we want to have a bigger selection.



Captain Americano seemed like a great choice.


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