Way Behind

So, in looking at my last post, I see it has been just over three months since I’ve posted any news. I think that is potentially my longest stretch of radio silence.  Things have been pretty quiet since we made it to the beach, just all that regular, everyday life stuff, just in a foreign country.

With the Memorial Day holiday, we finally ventured out again to the town of Guanajuato and it felt great to be out and about, seeing some new sights. I’m working through my photos and plan to finally get some new posts up soon. In the meantime, enjoy this view of the city (click for a larger view).


2 thoughts on “Way Behind

  1. Bravo! You are alive and well and back online! Have been wondering what happened to the blogs or if I had been dropped from the list. Glad to know life has just gotten busy. Looking forward to more updates.


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