Playa San Pancho

So, way behind on getting these up, but better late than never. Over Memorial Day weekend, we headed back to the beach with some friends, this time back to the coast north of Puerto Vallarta, an area we had not visited since shortly after we first arrived at post.

We rented a house at Playa San Pancho in the quiet little beach town of San Francisco. This was a great location as it meant an hour less driving than if we had gone all the way to Puerto Vallarta.  And with more of the toll road completed, this meant a less than four hour drive, a big plus for returning to the area in the future.

When it came time to head to the beach, we headed down the highway about another 15 minutes to the town of Sayulita, which has become quite the hipster surfing location for many American tourists.  We needed a quiet and calm beach and a co-worker had recommended Playa de los Muertos, whose name became apparent as we finally managed to find our way through the narrow streets and then noticed the cemetery as we were looking for a place to park.

We enjoyed a late lunch in Sayulita and enjoyed exploring the town a bit.  We definitely look forward to a return visit.


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