Heading Back

We head back to Guatemala City tomorrow morning. In addition to birthing a new child, it seems we have birthed several more pieces of luggage as well. We’ll be checking in 8 bags (one is missing from the photo) and carrying on multiple backpacks and a car seat.


It is a bit crazy. We’ll be heading out early in two fully loaded Acadia’s and looking forward to getting settled back in the house, which is going to be quite dirty after being closed up for the past two months. We’ll pick DiploDog up on Sunday and then the family will be fully reunited.

We tried to snap a nice little family photo on Christmas Eve, but this was all we got. It pretty much sums things up right about now. The packing always ends up taking longer than expected. We know this, but always think this time will be different. Happy New Year!


Texas Cowgirl

Being back in Houston for the upcoming delivery meant we were able to do Halloween here this year. Last year in Guatemala, DiploTot was an owl. Being that we are back in Texas, it only seemed appropriate that she should be a cowgirl.

Here she is finally smiling after being bribed with some fruit treats. She has the requisite pink boots as well that aren’t visible, but it was all we could do to get these photos, so we quit while we were ahead. After this we went to a few houses for trick-or-treating, but that was relatively short lived as we probably waited a bit too late to get started.