Kids & Skulls

So, we are still alive and kicking here in Guadalajara.  After time away for training in D.C. and home leave back in Houston (during Harvey!) we’ve now been back in Guadalajara for about a month, now officially on tour number 3.

We had such a good time last year when we went over to Tlaquepaque and saw the Day of the Dead decorations and altars setting up in full swing that we decided to run back out there again on Sunday.  I’m not sure what was different about last year, but this time around, there wasn’t much going on.  We still enjoyed ourselves and ended up with lots of photos of the kids in front of the giant calaveras.


We visited the town of Tlaquepaque on Saturday, which is just around a 30 minute drive from our house. The area is very tourist-friendly and features several pedestrian-only streets, complete with plenty of fancy shops and restaurants, as well as a beautiful central plaza.

When we arrived at the central plaza, the voladores were just about start their descent. The men had climbed the pole and were waiting to launch themselves. It was an impressive sight.





A quick tip into the basket from DiploTot.